GRP 2014

Galway Residency Programme 2014

The GR Programme is an international residency located in Galway and run by The Rockets of Desire, a creative agency/collective based in Galway. The residency designed by Artists for Artists starts this summer 2014, coinciding with the Galway Film Fleadh and the Galway Arts Festival. Somewhere between Art School and Creative Exploration the GRP Studios, Workshops and an Exhibition space will be made available to successful applicants.
The main objective of the GR Programme is to function as a direct link between visual artists, both nationally and internationally by bringing them together from different parts of the world to work in close company with each other. To be a fulcrum for international artists to take part in the West of Ireland Art Scene, thereby creating a broader context within which local and international artists can experience their work.

The GR Programme seeks to promote an environment of reflection, study and play, by providing artists with a working environment that supports their artistic process. While immersing yourself in Galway’s Summer Festival scene.
The residency includes studio space for a total of fifteen artists.
Applicants must have significant experience in their field. They are expected to participate in all of the programme’s activities. The size of the group is limited to fifteen participants. Applicants must hold a valid passport. To apply, please send:
  • A completed application form (available by emailing contactrockets@gmail.com)
  • A statement indicating the development of your current projects (800 words max.)
  • An up-to date CV
  • Two references
  • 15 photos (.jpg files, 72 dpi, 1.5 MB max. each); and/or 3 videos (Quicktime format, H264 compression, 5 minutes max. each); and/or 3 texts (PDF format, 7,000 words max. each) sent in a zip file through any file transfer service (google drive, dropbox) with a copy of a valid passport.

Arty and bohemian, Galway (Gaillimh) is legendary around the world for its entertainment scene. Brightly painted pubs heave with live music on any given night. Cafés spill out onto winding cobblestone streets filled with a frenzy of fiddles, tin whistles, bodhráns, and jugglers, painters, poets in outlandish masks enchant passers-by. Galway’s streets are steeped in history, yet have a contemporary vibe. Bridges arc over the salmon-filled River Corrib, and a long promenade leads to the seaside suburb of Salthill, where at night the moon’s glow illuminates Galway Bay. On top of all this, Galway’s got great beaches, soaring mountains, lovely villages, fabulous pubs and some of the friendliest people in Ireland.
6 weeks (July & August 2014)

Residency Programme Fee: €2,000
Paid by artist: Accommodation, board, food, individual traveling expenses, transport expenses. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding from relevant organisations in their own country. Once accepted, Galway Residency Programme will provide letters of support to assist with grant applications.

26th April 2014

How long: 1 - 3 months
Capacity: more than 10 residents
Criteria resident: mid-career, starter
Facilities: basic tools and equipment, exhibition space, internet
Feedback: artists
Financial structure: own contribution by residents
Identity: Artist-Run
Origin of residents: international, national

Accommodation info:
At these early stages of the residency programme, the hosts are unable to provide accommodation, although they hope to in the coming years. You can have a look at the following links for local opportunities: